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2015 Reunion Attendees

Reunion Attendees

Please be patient, the list is just getting started!

Planning the Future

Planning the Future

Over the past several years, the numbers of WWII veterans has decreased significantly. Their numbers attending reunions has dwindled, so it is not unusual for fewer than a dozen wartime veterans to attend. Twenty years ago, between 150-200 vets would come and bring their wives.

Responsibility for the survival of the Regimental Association is increasingly that of the members of the peacetime Regiment. That is the Reserve Regiment to which you belonged. The current Association Executive Committee has 15 members; only two of them are wartime vets.

The Regimental Association

West NS Regt Regimental Association

Welcome West Novas!

Over the last three years, we have seen a significant number of those with service in the WNSR join our Regimental Association, breathing life back into that element of our Regimental Family. It has been very satisfying to see the ranks of the RA grow to fill the vacancies left as our older veterans are unable to attend, are hospitalized, or pass on.