West NS Regt Regimental Association

Welcome West Novas!

Over the last three years, we have seen a significant number of those with service in the WNSR join our Regimental Association, breathing life back into that element of our Regimental Family. It has been very satisfying to see the ranks of the RA grow to fill the vacancies left as our older veterans are unable to attend, are hospitalized, or pass on. As was said before, the WNSR has played an important role in all our lives and has provided us with opportunities to grow and to serve our country while making life-long friends. If you are not currently a member of the Regimental Association, perhaps now is the time to join to renew those friendships and to make new ones within your Regimental Family. Please show your support for our Regiment by joining and participating in the WNSRRA.

Pay your Annual Association Dues

You can pay your annual dues online, please use the form below to set up an annual subscription payment from PayPal.