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2020 Reunion

2016 Reunion

18-20 Sep 2020, Aldershot

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WNSRRA 71st Annual Reunion 2020

Information and schedule TBA

We'll send our usual Reunion Joining Instruction in early July as we've done in the past; however, we'll be sending it electronically wherever possible to save costs on paper and postage. Keep your eye on the Inbox. We'll also post information here, on the Association portion of the West NS Regt website ( as well as at the West Nova Scotia Regiment page on Facebook. We currently have about 479 members in the Facebook group and are looking for more interested people to join. It's easy and, by all reports, those who belong are enjoying it.

To make things convenient, we have provided the opportunity for you to join the Regimental Association or to pay your dues for the current year and your registration fees online, right on this page (above and to the right).Fees can be paid by Paypal, credit card, or debit card. This is one way in which we're trying to modernize the Association to keep pace with the membership.

Let us know you're coming - Besides the ability to pay dues online, there is another important difference this year. We are asking members to RSVP to confirm whether they will be attending or not no later than 1 September. This is critical for us because we need to be able to accurately forecast how many attendees we expect for the banquet. For the past few years, we have been wrong in our estimates and have had to pay for many meals we didn't need. This is why we need your help by using our online, mail, or phone RSVP no later than 1 September.

Here is the contact information:

Even if you cannot attend this year's reunion, you can still join the Association and pay your Annual Dues to show your support for the Regimental Association. We'll appreciate the support and look forward to seeing you at another occasion. If you are not at the Reunion to pick up your Membership Card, we'll mail it to you later.

If you are not a Regimental Association member, you can join by completing the application at and sending it to the Secretary with your annual dues. If you are already a member, you can pay your annual dues online at where it says JOIN THE WEST NS REGT ASSOCIATION.