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West Nova Scotia Regiment Training

The West Nova Scotia Regiment is an Army Reserve (Militia) unit located in the Annapolis Valley. The unit headquarters is located in Camp Aldershot, north of Kentville. Platoons are located in Aldershot, Windsor, Middleton and Bridgewater. The unit trains Thursday evenings (7 -10 pm) (Bridgewater trains on Wednesday nights) and one or two weekends per month. As a member of the West Nova Scotia Regiment you would train on these dates and, if available, would be eligible for periods of employment of longer duration especially during the summer months when many of our trades qualification courses are held.

Opportunities also exist for reservists to train with Regular Force units and for direct transfer to the Regular Force once you have completed basic Infantry training.

What We Do

The West NS Regt is an Infantry unit: As a member of an infantry platoon you will become a member of a cohesive group. You will learn how to professionally operate and maintain various types of weapons and equipment. In addition, other training may include Field Communication, Machine Gunner, Driver and Leadership courses. Also, you will learn fieldcraft and battle procedures including, camouflage and concealment, internal security, patrolling, escape and evasion tactics, and also how to safely use explosives and pyrotechnics, communication and navigation systems.

An Infanteer must be dependable, able to react quickly and adapt readily to changing situations. Courage, self-discipline, physical and mental stamina and a positive attitude are essential attributes. The ability and willingness to learn new skills and techniques is also necessary as the diverse nature of Infantry operations requires the development of many specialized skills. Leadership and man management abilities are very important to the Infanteer. Most of all, an Infanteer must be able to work as a member of a team. Duties are performed outdoors, day or night, exposed to all weather conditions.


Army Reserve Mission

The mission of the Army Reserve is to:

  • Protect Canada
  • Defend North America in co operation with the U.S.
  • Contribute to international peace and security