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Duchess of York Manifest (15 July 1940)

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Below is the ship's manifest from the S.S. Duchess of York, which departed from Halifax on 17 July 1940 with 227 West NS Regt soldiers on board.

S.L's, 237, 238, 239, 240, 241 Reinforcements Ser.  No. 42
Embarked at Halifax Date 15/7/40	S.S. "Duchess of York"

	Lieut.	Deveber, William Hubbard
	Lieut.	Fortune, Edgar Leonard  
	Lieut.	Higgins, Clarence B.	, 
	Lieut.	McCarthy, Raymond Wm.   
	Lieut.	MacIntosh, Ian Harris   
	Lieut.	Neish, David Robert M.  
	Lieut.	Smith, Sydney MacLachlan
	Lieut.	Theakston, George W.
F 40713	Pte.	Baltzer, Allison
F 40714	Pte.	Baltzer, Roy C.
F 40724	Pte.	Baltzer, Wm. Fenwick
F 40338	Pte.	Basque, William
F 40464	Pte.	Bayers,	Geo.	Jas.
F 40522	Pte.	Bennett, Manley Rufus
F 60076	Pte.	Bernard, Alfred Jos.
F 40517	Pte.	Bishop, Harvey Wm.
F 40731	Pte.	Bourque, John Peter
F 40725	Pte.	Brown, Emerson E.
F 40467	Pte.	Brownell, Edison H.
F 49967	Pte.	Bryan, Roderick
F 40709	Pte.	Burgess, Alfred P.
F 40721	Pte.	Butler, Harry Wm.
F 40343	Pte.	Campbell, Donald
F 40311	Pte.	Campbell, Geo. Anthony
F 59828	Pte.	Campbell, Lester Louis
F 59855	Pte.	Cheverie, Everett Angus
F 40228	Pte.	Christie, Ralph G.
F 60049	Pte.	Clarkin, John F.
F 59742	Pte.	Clow, Allan Louis
F 40415	Pte.	Cochrane, Carl J.
F 40441	Pte.	Colbert, Leonard
F 40182	Pte.	Cole,	Oscar
F 40468	Pte.	Comeau, Alphonse Louis
F 40728	Pte.	Conrad, Frank B.
F 40076	Pte.	Cooke, Gerald B.
F 59762	Pte.	Cormier, Edward
F 40469	Pte.	Cormier, Jos. Ernest
F 40373	Pte.	Cottreau, Norman E.
F 7116	Pte.	Couture, Romeo Chas.
F 40009	Pte.	Cox, Donald W.
F 40470	Pte.	Cromwell, Keith L.
F 40440	Pte.	Crouse, Carl
F 40544	Pte.	Currie, James A.
F 40543	Pte.	Dando, Clifford Geo.
F 40202	Pte.	Davis, John Raymond
F 40313	Pte.	Davis, Wilfred M.
F 60026	Pte.	Dawson, Thomas O.
F 59627	Pte.	Dennis, Percy E.
F 40319	Pte.	Derasp, William
F 40474	Pte.	Deveau, Elzie
F 59667	Pte.	Doiron, Lawrence Geo.
F 39589	Pte.	Dolliver, Arthur G. D.
F 39823	Pte.	Doucette, James Wallace
F 40708	Pte.	Drew, Ford Reginald
F 40529	Pte.	Dykens, Thomas
F 30025	Pte.	Ettinger, Lawrence M.
F 40159	Pte.	Everitt, David L. L.
F 40395	Pte.	Ferguson, Earle Douglas
F 40442	Pte.	Fielding, Reginald E.
F 41682	Pte.	Fitzgerald, Geo. A.
F 40407	Pte.	Fraser, Clyde Manard
F 40521	Pte.	Fraser, John Blake
F 59766	Pte.	Gallant, Franklyn John
F 59746	Pte.	Gallant, Octave Joseph
F 40215	Pte.	Garland, Frank C.
F 60014	Pte.	Gaudet, Harold Joseph
F 60043	Pte.	Gaudet, John Ira
F 40546	Pte.	Glennie, Thomas M.
F 39855	Pte.	Golar, Perley Roy L.
F 40615	Pte.	Goreham, Rodney Shand
F 40537	Pte.	Gould, Wilfred Arthur
F 40479	Pte.	Grant, William
F 40478	Pte.	Gray, John Stanley
F 40200	Pte.	Guadet, John Joseph A.
F 59808	Pte.	Hammond, Richard Henry
F 40298	Pte.	Handspiker, Osborne E.
F 40238	Pte.	Harris, John Lewis
F 29875	Pte.	Hartlen, Ralph G. Hartling,
F 44641	Pte.	Joseph Edmund
F 40041	Pte.	Hatfield, Donald Roy
F 40071	Pte.	Hatfield, Ernest A.
F 40547	Pte.	Hayden, Morland Eugene
F 59977	Pte.	Heckbert, Earl Allan
F 40484	Pte.	Holland, Geo. Hector
F 40485	Pte.	Holloway, Walter Jas.
F 40328	Pte.	Hoskins, Nelson Stratton
F 40706	Pte.	Hudson, Alden Vernon
F 44884	Pte.	Hughes, John Brenton
F 40483	Pte.	Hurshman, Geo. Walter
F 40519	Pte.	Inglis, Frank A.
F 40700	Pte.	Isenor, Lloyd Wm.
F 4o486	Pte.	Isnor, George Maynard
F 40487	Pte.	Jackson, Eustace N.
F 40536	Pte.	Jackson, Reginald
F 40533	Pte.	Johnson, Arthur M.
F 76939	Pte.	Kellam, Douglas F.
F 60054	Pte.	Kelly, Borden Francis
F 40489	Pte.	Kelly, Wilbert John
F 40346	Pte.	Kennedy, John Angus
F 60055	Pte.	Kenslow, James Patrick
F 40242	Pte.	King, Ralph Edward
F 40540	Pte.	Landry, John Baptist
F 76984	Pte.	Langford, Alphonse H.
F 29783	Pte.	Le Rue, Joseph Henry C.
F 40273	Pte.	Lever, Philip Joseph
F 40445	Pte.	Lindsay, Murray Edward
F 40207	Pte.	Lockhart, Donald S.
F 40422	Pte.	Logan, Robert William
F 40524	Pte.	Lowe, Robert
F 40491	Pte.	Lucas, Ervin A.
F 29913	Pte.	Lynch, Leo Charles
F 40386	Pte.	Margeson, Garnett D.
F 40210	Pte.	Margeson, Roy Willis
F 40387	Pte.	Margeson, Walter St.C.
F 50000	Pte.	Martin, Geo. William
F 60057	Pte.	Martin, John
F 40388	Pte.	Martin, Lloyd Wilfred
F 59751	Pte.	Merrill, James E.
F 40398	Pte.	Mickeals, Virgil G.
F 34953	Pte.	Middleton, Percy T.
F 40416	Pte.	Miller, Dewey Elmer
F 40410	Pte.	Miller, John Jos.
F 40248	Pte.	Morash, Earle V.
F 40354	Pte.	Morris, Ellis
F 40716	Pte.	Morse, Harold B.
F 59898	Pte.	Mosher, Howard W.
F 40307	Pte.	Munro, William Ross
F 40274	Pte.	MacBurnie, Russell O.
F 40020	Pte.	McCallum, Agassiz Munroe
F 40327	Pte.	McCarthy, Clyde William
F 40347	Pte.	MacDonald, Donald
F 40326	Pte.	McDonnell, Daniel Philip
F 40348	Pte.	McDonnell, Joseph John
F 40349	Pte.	McDougall, Hugh
F 59874	Pte.	MacEachern, Francis A.
F 60064	Pte.	McGee, William Ernest
F 59754	Pte.	McInnis, Joseph James
F 59900	Pte.	MacIntyre, Herbert F.
F 40350	Pte.	MacIsaac, Michael G.
F 54651	Pte.	McKay, Howard F.
F 40247	Pte.	MacKenzie, Geo. Harold
F 40246	Pte.	MacKenzie, Loring M.
F 60059	Pte.	MacKinnon, Dereck D.
F 29835	Pte.	McLeod, Donald Jas.
F 40351	Pte.	MacLeod, John William
F 40353	Pte.	MacNeil, Charles Angus
F 59646	Pte.	McNeill, Neil Charles
F 54799	Pte.	McPherson, AlexandarD.
F 40447	Pte.	MacRae, Alan Wesley
F 29922	Pte.	McRoberts, Chas. Wm.
F 49920	Pte.	Nelson, Burtus A.
F 40249	Pte.	Nickerson, Bradford E.
F 43683	Pte.	Nixon, Edward S.
F 40377	Pte.	Noilez, Richard W.
F 40325	Pte.	O'Brian, Ivan Arthur
F 39799	Pte.	O'Connell, Earl
F 40253	Pte.	O'Connell, Geo. Bernard
F 49922	Pte.	Ogden, Max Amos
F 60032	Pte.	O'Meara, Stephen Gerald
F 50016	Pte.	O'Rourke, Wm. Warren
F 40356	Pte.	Orrell, John
F 40357	Pte.	Osborne, Albert D.
F 40324	Pte.	Pace, William K.
F 42627	Pte.	Parker, Chas. Burton
F 40379	Pte.	Parsons, Laurence Wm.
F 40402	Pte.	Pearl, Garnet L.
F 40316	Pte.	Pelrine, John Jeffery
F 60007	Pte.	Perry, Norman Arthur
F 60066	Pte.	Peters, Vernon Thos.
F 42675	Pte.	Pothier, Carrol V.
F 40358	Pte.	Pyke, Rubin
F 59710	Pte.	Razavet, Ralph Joe.
F 42633	Pte.	Reay, William A.
F 34748	Pte.	Rees, Vernon A.
F 59978	Pte.	Reynolds, Freeman E.
F 29898	Pte.	Rhyno1Aubrey J. 0
F 54627	Pte.	Ritchie, James
F 40297	Pte.	Robinson, Jas. Albert
F 60002	Pte.	Rogerson, Gordon Jas.
F 40628	Pte.	Ross, McPherson E.
F 40088	Pte.	Ross, Victor A.
F 40403	Pte.	Schofield, Harold H.
F 30024	Pte.	Schofield, Jas. Henry
F 40322	Pte.	Scott, Victor E.
F 40334	Pte.	Scoville, Jas, Harvey
F 40090	Pte.	Sisco, Loveitt R,
F 40256	Pte.	Skinner, Ray Ralph
F 39759	Pte.	Smith, Dana Munroe
F 40364	Pte.	Smith, Donald A.
F 40219	Pte.	Smith, Godfrey Roy
F 40220	Pte.	Smith, John Nathan
F 40368	Pte.	Smith, Lawrence
F 40183	Pte.	Smith, Philip G.
F 40221	Pte.	Smith, Re4mond A.
F 40448	Pte.	Stailing, William Lewis
F 40392	Pte.	Stanley, Lorne M.
F 40288	Pte.	Stark, Chester W.
F 59694	Pte.	Stewart, Herbert Ray
F 40643	Pte.	Stoddard, Alpheus Jas.
F 40254	Pte.	Stoddard, Murray R.
F 40285	Pte.	Sulis, Albert Wm.
F 25351	Pte.	Swan, Charles Ellery
F 40332	Pte.	Tanner, Edward
F 40385	Pte.	Thomas, Fenton H.
F 59793	Pte.	Thompson Clarence Wm.
F 40257	Pte.	Thompson, Warren D.
F 40281	Pte.	Tooke, Arthur Maurice
F 10070	Pte.	Toomey, John Thos.
F 40381	Pte.	Warren, John Hugh
F 40404	Pte.	Wasson, Earl F.
F 40366	Pte.	Watson, Alexander
F 40217	Pte.	Weatherbed, Harold Chas.
F 40216	Pte.	Weatherbed,.Horace
F 29754	Pte.	Webber, Beauford A.
F 40091	Pte.	Wesley, Robert Jas.
F 40284	Pte.	Westhaver, Roy Clifton
F 40711	Pte.	Whitman, Grover H.
F 40710	Pte.	Whitman, Thos. Victor
F 40380	Pte.	Williams, Leon W.
F 40259	Pte.	Williams, Robert M.
F 40421	Pte.	Winters, Percy E.
F 49841	Pte.	Wolfe, Chas. Malcolm
F 60071	Pte.	Worth, Athol Herbert
F 40382	Pte.	Yorke, Laurie Conrad
F 40367	Pte.	Young, Valentine
F 40383	Pte.	Zinck, Allen. Murray
F 40369	Pte.	Akroyd, Wm. Hinsy (handwritten at bottom)

Off.	8
0.R.	219
Total	227

Thanks to Darren Crossman for providing scans of the manifest list.